Hospitality Investment Forum
18-20 September, 2023
Prague Marriott Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

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Investment and Development in Eastern European Assets

Join us for three days in Prague, where hospitality investment community will come together to advance discussions focused on opportunities, trends, and developments in the Central Europe Region with leading hospitality and investment stakeholders sharing their inputs and experience on how the industry can shape the new future for the region

18-20th September, 2023

Prague Marriott Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

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IDEEA 2022 video highlights

I think the thing I like best about IDEEA is that everybody is so accessible. I think you get a chance to meet a lot of people in a really nice environment, and it's easy just to walk up to someone and have a conversation, whether it's on a coffee break or whether it's in one of the evening receptions. And the panellists are really good at this conference.

Maria Ashton
Vice President Development Luxury Brands, Northern Europe

IDEEA 2023


The Future of Hospitality

What are the trends and how are hospitality companies changing according to those future expectations?


Sustainable Development

Looking at real-life examples and best practice methodologies and case studies from both within and outside the hospitality industry. We will be focussing on new developments and retrofit, technology, sustainable design and construction.


Value in Brand Recognition and Community Support

With new hotel brands coming onto the market all the time, we will explore the value of these brands and their products. How they can serve and strengthen the connection with the local market in making it more resilient through cooperation and inclusivity which increase revenues.


New Operating Models & Spaces

Travelers' expectation are changing every day and spaces and operating models are adapting accordingly. How new spaces look like, what do they offer, what kind of operating models investors and owners can choose from and what benefits they bring…and how easy are all of those properties able to change and accommodate some new trends that will come in the future.


Niche Markets and Locations - Spotlight on Central & Eastern Europe

CEE is a complex market that includes all types of hospitality products, we take a close look at the types of products available, their value, locations and futuredevelopment prospects. We work together to understand what this landscape looks like in terms of investors, developers, brands and travellers.



A closer look at financing in challenging times. Covid and state support, the effect of inflation and raising energy prices, who is interested in supporting hospitality development through investment, what is available and what are the expectations?


Opportunities through technology, VR and personalisation

We will look at new operating models and spaces in hospitality. How has technology changed this through VR and personalisation for example and what are customers now expecting for the future?

IDEEA 2023 Advisory Board

Industry leaders from the Centra - East Europe (CEE) hospitality investment community will take the stage at IDEEA in Prague to bring us bold ideas and spark conversations helping the community find inspiration and lessons and do business, that drive the hospitality industry forward. Check out who will be taking the stage in September.

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A well-managed and organised event at a very good location. Very good speakers and networking opportunities.

Dimitris Manikis
President EMEA
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

IDEEA 2022
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