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Cesta za snem

(Journey to a Dream)

At The Bench, one of our core values is caring about our communities and environment. This has encouraged us to continuously, through our events and gatherings, develop opportunities where we can champion specific charity causes that either improve the lives of communities or protect the environment for future generations.

What is Cesta za snem?

Cesta za snem (Journey to a Dream) is a non-profit organization connecting the world of disabled and able-bodied people through sports.

It creates projects where people spend time together actively. Its goal is to create an environment where everyone can share their dreams, challenges, and passions and everyone can join. Integration and the ability of the disabled to lead a normal life is also proven by the organization itself by the fact that all its employees have a handicap. The biggest project of Cesta za snem is the Metrostav handy cycle marathon, in which cycling teams with at least one disabled member travel around the Czech Republic on a route 2222 km long, all within a time limit of 111 hours. This unique project even received the European Commission's EU Sport Awards #BeInclusive in the Celebrating Diversity category last year.

Each year, Cesta za snem organizes dozens of sports events in which everyone can participate. Its aim is to motivate not only people with disabilities to sport and exercise, which are the basis of a healthy lifestyle leading to a self-sufficient and quality life.

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Donate today! Donate today! Donate today! Donate today! Donate today! Donate today!Donate today! Donate today! Donate today!

Support by donating today

We hope you will join us in supporting Cesta Za Snem by donating individually today. Speakers, sponsors, and attendees are encouraged to contribute individually, and we will announce the cumulative funds raised for Cesta Za Snem toward the end of day two at IDEEA.

Please add “IDEEA” as a comment when you or your peers donate, enabling us to track your contribution as part of the IDEEA community.

For Donations:

IBAN: CZ54 2700 0000 0011 1048 1110


UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.,
Želetavská 1525/1, Praha 4, 140 92

Donate today! Donate today! Donate today! Donate today! Donate today! Donate today!Donate today! Donate today! Donate today!

IDEEA Charity Walk & Run

In addition to encouraging forum participants to donate individually, we will be organising the IDEEA Charity Run & Walk in the morning on day two of the conference.

For each participant, the bench will donate €10 on their behalf to Cesta za snem.

Subterra Open Weekend

We encourage all participants to partake in the Subterra Open Weekend, which is happening from the 22nd to the 24th of September, right after IDEEA Forum concludes.

3 days spent together in an environment where everyone is welcome. Everything is adapted so that families with children, disabled members or a group of friends can participate. Cesta za snem prepares a sports competition program where everyone can try various simple sports activities. The goal is to show everyone that having a disabled person in your midst is not an obstacle for trips or sports activities and that it is possible to live an active lifestyle. It is possible to live the way we like it, we just need to find new ways.

Subterra Open Weekend takes place on 22-24 September in Poslův Mlýn in Doksy and begins with arrival, accommodation, and division into teams on Friday. On Saturday, the participants try the prepared disciplines and the teams can choose their best representatives for the Sunday morning fights. The entire program ends with an announcement of results on Sunday after lunch.

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