Hospitality Investment Forum
26-27 September, 2022
Grand Hyatt Athens, Greece

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IDEEA Charity Walk & Run

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At The Bench, one of our core values is caring about our communities and environment. This has encouraged us to continuously, through our events and gatherings, develop opportunities where we can champion specific charity causes that either improve the lives of communities or protect the environment for future generations.

As opposed to simply donating a lump sum amount to a charity, we encourage our community or event sponsors and attendees to participate together in activities such as runs, auctions and the like to raise funds and, most importantly, raise awareness of the issue through their participation for the charity cause being championed. For IDEEA 2022, we have decided to support a local charity in Greece called METAdrasi.

About METAdrasi

METAdrasi is a Greek NGO founded in December 2009 which helps facilitate the reception and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greece.

Most of METAdrasi's activities are innovative and implemented for the first time in Greece. The activities are focused on the areas of interpretation and developing a comprehensive safety net for unaccompanied minors.

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Standing with the Ukraine

Following the war on Ukraine, millions of Ukrainian nationals were forced to leave their homes, and METAdrasi quickly coordinated efforts to support those that arrived at Greece's doorsteps.

The support provided ranged from offering food and shelter for women and children to empowering individuals to find jobs with the assistance of support services such as language courses, legal help or counselling. At IDEEA, The Bench will focus on supporting their activities with Ukrainian refugees and unaccompanied children.

View services offered for Ukrainians

Support by donating today

We hope you will join us in supporting METAdrasi by donating individually today. Speakers, sponsors and attendees are encouraged to contribute individually, and we will announce the cumulative funds raised for METAdrasi toward the end of day two at IDEEA.

Please add “IDEEA” as a comment when you or your peers donate, enabling us to track your contribution as part of the IDEEA community.

Donations do not need to be limited to money. Linen items, more precisely sheets, towels and blankets will be quite useful, especially with the winter months following soon after.

If your organisation wishes to donate linen items, please email the METAdrasi facility department directly at or give them a call on +30 214 100 8700.

Donate to METAdrasi today

IDEEA Charity Walk & Run

In addition to encouraging forum participants to donate individually, we will be organising the IDEEA Charity Run & Walk on day two of the conference.

The activity is a 5km run or 2km walk on the morning of day two, open to all attending the forum. For each participant, €10 will be donated on their behalf to METAdrasi.

Join us and energise your final day at IDEEA while connecting with like-minded attendees and raising money for a good cause.