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IDEEA Sustainability Commitment

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG)

Continuous Improvement:


Measurement and Reporting:

We will measure our sustainability performance and report it publicly to stakeholders, including attendees, clients, and partners on a yearly basis and per each event separately. In 2023 we will continuously measure our carbon footprint and write a detailed step-by-step plan of how and how much we will reduce our footprint by 2030 and 2050. In addition, we will ask all our delegates for information about where are they traveling from and to, by what type of transport, how long are they staying at the destination and in what kind of accommodation. With that, we will be able to measure not only the event's carbon footprint but also our delegates'.



We will continually research and adopt new technologies and practices that will enable us to operate in a more sustainable manner.


Training and Development:

We will provide ongoing training and development opportunities for our staff to increase their knowledge of sustainability and their ability to implement sustainable practices in our events.